Friday, 24 May 2013

festival time

One of the nice things about the festival season is getting out and about meeting other crime writers. This summer is going to be very fabby as I am meeting up with many of my fellow bloggers on the murder is everywhere blog site when we are all at Bristol.
Great meeting of literal minds, probably in the bar.
I am moderating a panel for the second time, this is a huge responsibility, a bit like being on a Channel Four late night chat show,  having a lot of prepared questions, trying to get the best out of folk, avoiding them fighting, trying not to be too controversial,  it’s a bloody minefield. Worse than that the organisers have given me foreign writers again ... this time a Frenchman. I know that he will speak good English ... but I don’t, I speak fluent Glaswegian and that’s where the problem lies.
 Also I like to give them a wee heads up on some of the questions I might ask …. So they can appear to be witty and spontaneously wonderful with carefully thought out answers. That might sound like a bit of a con but the audience gets more out it, if I asked you ... what serial killer would you like to invite to dinner and why … the mind tends to go blank, the foreknowledge of that question just might make you think ... then at three in the morning a great idea wakes you up and you think ... oh why didn’t I say that!  I think I might like a word with Harold Shipman, quiet, most folks said he was a good doctor, a kind hearted man. I think that duality in his personality is interesting. So he would get my vote.

I wonder who will vote for Hannibal Lecter!

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