Sunday, 23 February 2014

Help a Child With Cancer

I am  happy to be helping the charity Clic sargent  to raise funds for  children  suffering from cancer. It's good to be able to lend a helping hand, it might just make a little person's day a wee bit better.

And you can have some fun. Nice folk bid to name a character in a book after somebody they like. Normal folk bid much more money to name a character in a book after somebody they don't like, and ask them to get bumped off - fictionally.  Just think of the fun you could have with that old maths teacher who forced you to write quadratic equations  on the board - or the English teacher who made you recite the quality of mercy is not strained as they showed no mercy at all. Don't start me on gym teachers...
Somebody who will remain anon but is a very famous and respected expert in his field wanted his mother in law written into a book - as a crack addict prostitute who was found dead in a dumpster....

Have a look yourself... the web page is now live at
And the auction will be live at 8pm on the 27th Feb for 10 days.
 Here are the writers taking part,  I feel that Jane Bidder might have an unfair advantage....
  • Emily Barr
  • Jane Bidder
  • Alison Bruce
  • Belinda Bauer
  • Julie Cohen
  • Charles Cumming
  • Kate Ellis
  • Claire Dyer
  • Julie Farrell
  • Jemma Forte
  • Kate Furnivall
  • Jane Green
  • Elly Griffiths
  • Emylia Hall
  • Graham Hurley
  • Shaun Hutson
  • Lisa Jewell
  • Amanda Jennings
  • Susan Lewis
  • Colette McBeth
  • Andy McNab
  • Jean Oram
  • Caro Ramsey
  • Kate Rhodes
  • Joanna Trollope
  • Martyn Waites

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