Friday, 1 August 2014

The friendly games, the friendly city

On Friday night  we took a brief tour on foot of my home town. And very proud I was too. The friendly city for the friendly games. This is Glasgow, with its best pants on!

The train on the way in, sunshine over the Clyde

A deserted street, no traffic!

Outdoor eating!

Buchanan Precinct, busy with street theatre

Bring it on. Indeed!

He sat very carefully, knees together

These are the beautiful but effective anti terrorism barricades 
over entrances to stations etc.

And if you get lost, just follow the lines

In George Sq now, a disrespectful pigeon 

James Watt,  the steam engine man

paramedics on bikes, a Glasgow cop

We are here, in the big G

George Sq ticket centre

The queue for this bus was round the block

Robert Peel ( we are fond of our statues!)

George Sq looking at the City Chambers

The Hotel where I do all my interviews! 
It's right next to Queen St station where the Edinburgh train comes in.

Just to remind you! It's an offence in public.

George Sq looking NE, this was where they filmed World War Z.
This building was American for a fortnight.

A bottle of Buckie..... an empty bottle of Buckie
(an alcoholic delicacy....) 

The Cenotaph

There were loads of these....

And these


The big G

The shop had loads of these left

But few of these

The slightly 'faster than the bike' response squad

Clyde the mascot

Street Theatre

interested spectator

uninterested spectator

Glasgow Central, bedecked in the Commonwealth colours

Going home


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