Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bloody Scotland Part Two

So we went to Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival tired, battered but in my case elated. Was met by  folk telling me it was a shame that the chance to help our children had been thrown away. That was by somebody with four houses, only one of them in Scotland so go figure. Looks were exchanged round the green room, sounding each other out silently. Easy really, the yeses are vocal, the noes keep quiet.
There was a debate at the festival where the yeses were told to go home and greet (cry) about the chances they have lost. My own event was on at the same time so I can't comment and the quote above was the only one being banded about.

I had my own problems. If I can be a female for a moment, I had to do three costume changes, two events, without the use of a hotel room to change in ( it wasn't ready) and  I caught the hem of my trousers on my heel so I had a long leg and a short leg. I do  have one leg three quarters of an inch longer than the other but the uneven  leg didn't match the uneven trouser leg. If you see what I mean, the long trouser was on the stumpy leg.
So I had to change from this comedy physio outfit to something you will see later...
I don't know if it was deliberate but it was not fair. The Bloody Scotland football match; Scotland versus England ended 13-1. The Scots were fine young men and good footballers. The England team were a bunch of dads. Not sure that they were on the same songsheet never mind score sheet.
The Scots were taking it very seriously. It was only 36 hours after the result of the vote.

Alex and I 

you can just make out the metal grids to protect the windows.

physio posers

note fake blood and whisky 'refreshment'

Scotland score.....(that hardly ever happens in real life football)

Michael pretending he had a groin strain

Mr Rankin, Mr Billingham. How can that Ref be neutral, he's a very Scottish looking person

Yip, that's Dirk with the hair!

dressed for sell out event with Alex Grey
(even trousers)

waiting to go in dinner, changed again..
(Uneven trousers)

bloody hungry at bloody scotland, where is my dinner....

I do believe that this was Yrsa's  retreat for a quiet smoke later

Peter May won the Scottish Crime Book Of the Year with Entry Island. We all got a copy

The next day, interviewing  two authors, one of whom was two was a Stan/ Michael situation. I was worried the singleton would not get fair airtime but it went OK.

walking from a to b on Sunday afternoon,  note uneven trousers...

I can't tweet.
It was not compulsory.

great venue

                     Don't know what I am wittering on about here, but it was very witty and clever...


                                           Big event with Shari, lovely girl and we had a real hoot.


Shari and I shattered after event!!!

BBC on Wednesday. Then Wigtown on Friday.
Then I can get my trousers sorted.....

Caro Ramsay  (Tired)

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  1. No doubt you stunned your audience with your brilliance and verbal prowess and I seriously doubt anyone noticed your trouser hems. I wish I wasn't on the wrong side of the sea.