Thursday, 16 August 2012

Day 15

short blog due to builders being annoying.

 had a lie in to ..7.00 am.
 then went out  to look for a solution to the pringle problem.
  got cash out bank for builders
went to asda, got a trolley load
realised had no purse
 this happens all the time,
they told me
 they were unfazed
 found purse in car
went back into shop
got home
 taxi parked  too close to driveway
street was empty
 builders appeared
 nearly an incident between builders and taxi driver
 then dog thought it might get involved
 dog out, builders in
104 emails
more proofs
payment for proofs
couldn't find credit card
it was amongst the ASDA shopping
nearly fell in boot of the car
got head butted by the cat
 it was only half past ten
 was knackered
worked on novel
 cleaned house for superstar writer staying  over tomorrow
I am not used to cleaning
So I fell over and hurt myself
Huge bruise appearing on leg
going out with other writer for curry
will talk of death and torture and put eavesdroppers off their tikka masala
hosted writers group
 dog gate crashed and eat ginger nuts
slagged off 50 shades of mince again.
writer appeared, went out to get story from car
came back 40 minutes later
 writer need to be put on lead
had to have glass of wine in peace
 once I closed the door to them
found cat playing with USB stick
 and that was my day off


1 comment:

  1. Not counting today? It's good to get a day off. If you want I can chase your cat for head butting you. I warn you though I'm mostly ineffective as my neighbour's cat keeps telling me from the top of the fence post.

    Looking forward to the new book.