Sunday, 13 January 2013

murder is everywhere


Just  to invite  you to have a look at the Murder is Everywhere blog site. Seven  internationally renowned crime writers - well six and me - blog weekly. I am doing a Friday, my blog goes live on Thursday  night at midnight. I am lucky  enough to be following in the footsteps of Dan Waddell. (The son of the great  darts  commentator Sid Waddell who sadly passed away at the end of last year. ) He once called me a truculent Scot for which I remonstrated him  therefore proving his point!  But Dan and I have shared a few pizzas as well as a few editors. He wrote the award winning  'Blood Detective' as well as a novel about a murder set upon the Titanic.  I've shared a few panels  with him and he has always stunned me with the amount of meticulous research he has to do  in order to even start planning  a book. At that  point I  would  just lie down and have a conversation with the dog.
I know that he is coming back to  do a  guest blog for the site every now and again and I look forward to them.
 So have a  look at 'murder is everywhere' and see what is going on  in the crime writing world in Brazil, Greece, China, the USA, Iceland and South Africa.
Oh.   and Scotland,

Been blogging  about New Year  - Hootnanny, Hootnanny, Hoot!

See  you there,